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Who’s the boss here?

Remember the people you want to remember. Position yourself correctly in your network and empower yourself to do business with the right people.

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Where do I fit in?

Are you a follower or a leader? Can you show that you are the best in your field? Sharpen your networking skills and remember all the most important faces at that next meeting.


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Visual network channels

The Vizzmee networking app is just the beginning. The technology we are building has a multitude of applications that will redefine the way you remember things!

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Open up your network
- activate your memory

How big does your network have to be? Actually, smaller than you might think. It's not about growing your network to the largest it can be, it's about leveraging the power of your existing network.


Bringing your contacts to life - who is behind the name?

Travelling to a conference? Use the time wisely to revise your most important contacts. Better than trawling social media to ogle your friends' cats!


Putting a face to the name... and a whole lot more

The difference between making a good first impression and a great one can have a massive impact on the course of your entire business life. How soon do you want to close that deal? Sign up to learn more and we'll keep you informed.

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